How does the MolecuLight procedure work?

The procedure is safe, non-invasive (there is no contact with the device or your wound) and can be done during your normal visit to the clinic.

The procedure includes 2 parts:

First, your wound care provider will measure your wound by placing 2 stickers on either side of your wound and taking an image.

Second, your wound care provider will turn off the lights in the room or place a DarkDrape over your wound. Then, they will use the MolecuLight device to shine a safe violet light and take a second image.

Your wound care provider can look at these images right away to see if concerning amounts of bacteria are in your wound.

This can be done multiple times during your visit.

Why is information about bacterial important?

Bacteria are everywhere, including all over our skin. Normally, bacteria that lives on our skin are not harmful and can help keep us healthy.

However, when bacteria grow to a high level in a wound, they can prevent your wound from healing and cause problems like infection.

The MolecuLight i:X gives your wound care team information about bacteria in your wound to help them make the best clinical decisions for your treatment.

Finding and removing bacteria earlier may prevent more serious problems later on and help wounds heal faster.

This image of a wound taken when the lights are turned off and the safe violet light of the MolecuLight is turned on. High levels of bacteria in this wound appear bright red while skin appears green.

The presence of red or cyan fluorescent signals in the MolecuLight images lets your wound care provider know there are high levels of bacteria in the wound. This information is used to target treatment of your wound.

Do I need to prepare for a MolecuLight procedure?

No, there is no preparation required. Simply arrive at your appointment, as directed by your wound care provider.

Is it safe?

Yes! The MolecuLight procedure is completely safe. The device uses safe violet light, not ultra-violet. There is no contact with you or your wound. There is no warmth or discomfort and there are no side effects.