NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy

NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy is a class II medical device licensed under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC which enables clinicians to prescribe pure humidified oxygen applied directly to a wound to assist wound healing in complex, chronic or non-healing wounds.

NATROX® Oxygen Generator (OG)

The NATROX® Oxygen Generator is the size and weight (107g) of a mobile phone and is supplied with two rechargeable batteries. One will be in use while the other is on constant charge. A small green light flashes to let you know that oxygen is being produced. All items have been designed to be worn where it is most comfortable and the batteries have been designed to be easy to change over even for patients with limited faculties including poor eyesight and grip strength. There is no ON/OFF switch, just connect a charged battery and NATROX® will start to deliver pure humidified oxygen.

Oxygen Delivery System (ODS)

The ODS is a ‘single use’ sterile circular ‘web’ device, created from multi-layer medical grade materials. It is soft and extremely conformable and has been designed to be placed directly on the wound bed whilst maintaining patient comfort. The ODS facilitates oxygen diffusion across the whole wound bed whilst allowing free passable of exudate into the secondary dressing.

Clinicians and patients have preferred wound dressings which they are familiar with and use regularly. These dressings not only protect the wound from bacteria and other contaminates but also absorb exudate. The ODS has been designed to be used under all these dressings and will allow for the free passage of exudate into the absorbent secondary dressing utilised, whilst still delivering humidified oxygen therapy directly to the wound bed.

Delivered directly to the wound bed2

Patient satisfaction scores in clinical trials2

How does NATROX® work?

NATROX® extracts oxygen from the air, and ‘delivers’ it through a thin flexible tube to the unique Oxygen Delivery System (ODS) which is in direct contact with the wound surface. This continuous supply of oxygen ensures an oxygen rich environment around the wound area. NATROX® is silent with no sensation of movement while providing a continuous flow of ‘pure’ humidified oxygen.


There is a substantial body of evidence that oxygen plays a vital role in enabling wound healing to take place. Many chronic wounds may be prevented from healing by low oxygen levels in the tissues (local hypoxia), and this remains a challenge to most clinical units, as no easy, quick and inexpensive measurement of this parameter is available for routine use.

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